West Coast Gas Co., Inc. 9203 Beatty Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826-9702
(916) 364-4100

Committed to Safety and Service

West Coast Gas Company, Inc. was established in 1995 and is a regulated, full service, natural gas supplier and distribution utility. We are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission as to rates, service levels, safety and reliability. West Coast Gas Company, Inc. owns, operates and maintains gas metering stations, distribution mains, service lines and customer meters. Our service territory includes Mather Independence and Mather Commerce Center, formerly Mather Field Air Force Base in Sacramento County, Castle Airport and Development Center, formerly Castle Air Force Base in Merced County and the Herlong Federal Correctional Institution in Lassen County.

West Coast Gas Company, Inc. distributes natural gas to its service territories in Sacramento, Merced and Lassen County. We purchase natural gas, at the California border, from subsidiaries of Shell Oil and British Petroleum. The gas is then transported, under firm contracts, to our distribution service territories by the California Gas Transmission Company and the Tuscarora Pipeline Company.