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Indicators of a Gas Leak Outside Your Home or Business

The natural gas distribution system is composed of gas mains that are located under the roadway, underground service lines and above ground gas regulators and meters that connect your home or business to the gas supply. West Coast Gas Company Inc. continuously monitors the mains, services, regulators and meters checking for leaks in the gas distribution system. However, the general public can assist in detecting gas leaks.

Indicators of a gas leak.

Smell. Natural Gas is colorless and odorless. As a safety precaution, mercaptan, a sulfur-like odor, is added to natural gas to help identify and locate gas leaks.

Sound. The gas system is under pressure and if a leak should occur you may hear a “hissing” sound.

Sight. If gas is leaking from an underground pipe it may discolor the surrounding vegetation leaving a dark oily residue. Blowing dirt, bubbling water, or an unusual area of dead vegetation may indicate a natural gas leak.

If you believe there maybe a gas leak, please call West Cost Gas Company Inc.’s emergency number 916-364-4102.