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Natural Gas Emergencies in Your Home or Business

Recognizing and responding to natural gas emergencies in your home or business.

If you notice the distinctive “rotten egg” smell of odorized natural gas, follow these DO’s and DON’Ts:

If you think you smell natural gas…

  • Start an engine of any kind;
  • Strike matches or create a flame of any kind;
  • Use a telephone or cell phone inside the building;
  • Turn ON or OFF any lights, garage door openers or any other electrical switch.

If you think you smell natural gas…

  • Make sure gas appliances are turned all the way OFF;
  • Leave the area;
  • Telephone West Coast Gas Company Inc. at 916-364-4102 from a location outside the home or building;
  • Warn others – if it is safe to do so – against entering the leak area and/or creating an ignition spark.