West Coast Gas Co., Inc. 9203 Beatty Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826-9702
(916) 364-4100

Committed to Safety and Service

Current Operations

WCG is a natural gas supplier and distribution company. WCG owns, operates and maintains gas metering stations, distribution mains, services, lines and company meters. WCG’s service territory is currently located at Mather, California. Mather is located within the heart of the Highway 50 corridor and has expansive land resources comprising 5,700 acres. Accessibility via freeway, rail and specialized air transport facilities will allow Mather to capitalize upon the growing demand for air cargo service and to create a major new center for the assembly and distribution of goods and materials to points throughout the world.

How To Establish Service

Establishing service has never been easier.

Start Service: Call one of our West Coast Gas representatives at 1-916-364-4100.

Stop Service: In order to stop service simply call one of our West Coast Gas representatives at 1-916-364-4100.

Working Together

Being held to the strict standards of the California Public Utilities Commission affords us may opportunities to partner with other businesses that have the similar commitment to safety and customer service. We can utilize the resources and industrial equipment to expand our core business into other similar areas.

We also recognize the growing demand for clean and renewable energy, and as such, are exploring many different avenues in this area.

If you are interested in seeing what West Coast Gas can do for you, please go to our contact page, and reach out.